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Title Insurance & Searches in Newport News, Virginia

When financing your homes through a bank or mortgage company, you are required to provide title insurance to cover the bank or mortgage company from any losses due to a problem with the title to the property. The lender's title insurance also insures the bank has priority over other liens placed against the property.

Title Insurance

Owner's title insurance is also available that protects the property owner from losing their property due to any problems regarding the title to the land. To obtain this coverage, our company will do a complete search of the title to make sure there aren't any issues with your title.

A commitment is obtained that describes what needs to be done in order for the insurance to be issued. The title insurance policy is written once the requirements have been met.

Title Searches & Examinations

Eastern Virginia Title Company, Inc. offers title searches and examinations that involve searching the ownership of a piece of property. Various time periods are covered in different types of title searches.

Records Research

For homebuyers, our title insurance company searches 60 years of ownership on the property in question. The purpose of this search is to ensure that there are no issues with the title, and that there are no liens or judgments against the property.

Our search includes checking the state of the property taxes, as well as checking for any open liens. In addition, our company checks for any wills recorded and if there are any heirs of the property.
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