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Loan Closings in Newport News, Virginia

Let Eastern Virginia Title Company, Inc. of Newport News, Virginia, help with your loan closing and title services needs. Our title insurance company puts our more than 20 years of experience into everything we do to ensure that everything is correct and completed in a timely fashion.
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Loan Closings

Eastern Virginia Title Company works with various banks and mortgage companies to prepare the documents for your loan closings. Once a set of closing instructions is received, we work with all the parties involved to gather the required information and documentation required by the lender.

Our company searches the title to the property, issues a title commitment to the lender, gathers information on payoffs, communicates with homeowners insurance agents, termite and moisture inspection companies, surveyors, real estate agents, homeowners associations and any other person or company involved with the transaction. At the closing we sit down with the homebuyer or homeowner and get all the paperwork signed, collect any funds that are due and answer any questions they have. We send the executed paperwork back to the bank, and prepare to record the necessary documents and disburse all the funds.
  • Seller-Owned Closings: $300
  • Refinance Closings: $400
  • Purchase Closings: $500

Document Recording

All required documents are recorded at the courthouse to transfer ownership of the property and/or place a lien on the property for the bank or mortgage company. Once all the documents have been recorded, the funds due to any party in the transaction are disbursed from our escrow account. For our services, a flat fee for the closing is charged.